The Affairs of Pastors

This past Sunday the pastor of the church where I came to know Christ resigned after admitting he’d been involved in an extra-marital affair.  His wife and children suffer while the members of the church wonder how this could happen again – that’s right, in the past 30 years this church has had three ministry […]


by Bert Downs People who change peoples’ lives. They come in all sizes and shapes. Some are there for a lifetime, some for just a little while. Some are positive, some are negative. Regardless of how they use it, they are all blessed with a gift – the gift of influence. This past month, I […]

A Gospel that Fits All People

Perhaps you read the news that trendy clothier Abercrombie & Fitch wants only the thin to wear their clothes.  For a long time retailers have included only the thin, thinner and thinnest models in their advertising visuals, but now A&F has gone several steps further and decided they will not even make clothes for people […]