We’re back!

The Transformed Blog is back.

For many of you, it may come as a surprise that it went anywhere. For others, you might wonder why it lay dormant for the better part of six months. When Marc Cortez, the originator and organizer of the blog, decided to take his talents to South Beach Wheaton, we had a bit of a transition period. Understandably, a higher priority was given to replacing Marc in the classroom and faculty administration than on the blog, so it has taken us some time. But a plan for the blog is now in place.
As with any change in leadership, there will be some things that change and some things that remain the same.

Here is what we hope will not change: Interesting, insightful, and faithful posts related to the mission of Western Seminary – serving as a catalyst and resource for spiritual transformation. We are convinced that such transformation can only occur through proclaiming, believing, teaching, and living out the gospel of Jesus Christ. So look for a continuation of commitment to that gospel. Michael Card, the fine and faithful Christian musical artist, is fond of saying that Jesus Christ is really the only one worth singing about. To me, ultimately, the same goes for writing. Especially in this media saturated world. We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to reading and listening. The internet offers a never-ending menu of choices, some of which might be of higher literary quality or be more entertaining than what you will read here. But if we can think together about the gospel of Jesus Christ and its ministry and implications for his Church, then that will have been time well spent.

What will change: To begin with, the shape and structure will change and will continue to evolve over time. There will be a wider variety of authors, a sharing of the load if you will. Articles that are more biblical and theological in nature will be posted earlier in the week and then articles that are more related to applied ministry will be featured later in the week. We will run essays, interviews, book reviews, book recommendations, and just about anything else that the faculty and students of Western Seminary are thinking about. Sermon podcasts will also be featured, with short write-ups on the homiletical goals and insights of the preacher to accompany each podcast. I am particularly excited about that.

Thanks for reading – and may we all grow, by the Spirit, in faithfulness to God the Father and obedience to his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

About Todd Miles

Dr. Todd Miles is the Director of the Master of Theology Program and Associate Professor of Theology at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Before his doctoral studies Todd was a Research Engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for ten years. Now Todd teaches Systematic Theology, Hermeneutics, and Ethics at Western Seminary. Todd serves as an elder at Hinson Memorial Baptist Church in Portland and is the author of "A God of Many Understandings? The Gospel and Theology of Religions" (Nashville: B&H, 2010).