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4 Favorite Books for 2014

The Transformedblog asked our regular contributors to recommend their favorite books read in 2013 for your consideration in 2014.

the_man_christ_jesusThe Man Christ Jesus: Theological Reflections on the Humanity of Christ by Bruce Ware. Wheaton: Crossway, 2013.

The Man Christ Jesus focuses on the humanity of Christ, which is an often neglected topic. However, this is not a theological treatise. It is theological book that is richly encouraging. Ware does a fabulous of job of explaining the doctrine of the humanity of Christ, why his humanity matters, and carefully applying the doctrine ofChrist’s humanity to the Christian life.



book cover Paul and  the LawPaul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God by Brian S. Rosner. Downers Grove: Intervarsity Press, 2013.

In Paul and the Law, Brian Rosner shows there is no “one way” in which Paul uses “the Law” in the New Testament. Rosner clearly shows and explains the differing ways in which Paul relates to “the Law” and with biblical theological clarity addresses “the Law” from the vantage point of the New Covenant showing how Christians are to relate to the Law.



book cover The King In His BeautyThe King and His Beauty: A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments by Thomas R. Schreiner. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2013.

It’s Tom Schreiner. That alone is reason enough to read this book. The King and His Beauty does not seek to develop “the one” biblical theological theme that ties the whole Bible together. Instead, he develops “a theme” that begins with Genesis 3:15, the King who would crush the head of the serpent and ends with the Revelation at the ultimate defeat of the dragon by King Jesus. Instead of trying to make the case that “this” is the unifying biblical theological theme of the Bible, Schreiner develops a theme and exposes the beauty and majesty of Christ at every turn. Unlike many comprehensive biblical theological volumes, The King and His Beauty is warmly devotional. I found myself exalting in the Lord Jesus with the turn of each page.


book cover Conviction to LeadThe Conviction to Lead: 25 Principles for Leadership that Matters by Albert Mohler. Minneapolis: Bethany House, 2012.

Albert Mohler is the embodiment of leading with conviction and he concisely develops twenty-five principles for leadership. Each principle has its own chapter where it is explained, applied, and illustrated. One of the strengths of The Conviction to Lead is its aim is not solely at church leadership, but at leaders in general. The book is encouraging, convicting, and thought-provoking in its winsome explanation of what it means to lead and what leaders are to do.


About David Thommen

David is a graduate of Western Seminary. He serves as the Assistant Director of Western Seminary's Doctor of Ministry program and The Spurgeon Fellowship and teaches in the Bible and Theology department. David also serves on the executive committee of the Northwest Chapter of ETS and has served in Pastoral Ministry for over 10 years. He currently serves as the pastor at New Life Church Robinwood.