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5 Most Influential Books by Dr. Robert Krupp

The TransformedBlog asked the faculty of Western Seminary to give a brief list of the most influential books (other than the Bible) that they have read. Dr. Robert Krupp, Associate Professor of Church History and Library Director at Western, lists his 5 most influential books.


Promise-Plan of God book coverThe Promise-Plan of God
Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

Dr. Kaiser was my first Bible survey teacher in the summer of 1973 when I joined the Athletes in Action Weightlifting Team of Campus Crude for Christ (now Cru). He taught Old Testament survey. Some of the phrases and points that I remembered from that summer I recognize in this book. I think he has clearly stated the unifying theme of Scripture and shows how the developing canon affirms, develops, and applies the theme of God’s redemptive promise and purpose. I reread it every few years just to keep an overview of biblical theology fresh in my mind. I just started again it last week.


Integrative theology book coverIntegrative Theology
Gordon R. Lewis and Bruce A. Demarest.

This three volume work shows how theologians think as they address problems and challenges in forming a coherent statement of Christian doctrine. It incorporates historical and biblical theology in reaching its systematic conclusions.




Water from a Deep Well book cover Water from a Deep Well
Gerald L. Sittser.

This is by far the most successful effort at a one volume history of the Christian understanding of spiritual transformation and growth. It is an excellent survey of the key writings that have wrestled with the nature of Christian maturity over the last two thousand years.



Church History In Plain Language book cover Church History in Plain Language
Bruce L. Shelley

This is a very readable one volume church history. I often reread it to keep a framework of the history of God’s people fresh in my mind. Even though it is relatively brief, it covers topics often neglected in larger works such as the rise of and Protestant justification for different denominations, as well as current global trends.


Here I Stand book cover Here I Stand- A Life of Martin Luther
Roland Bainton. Abingdon, 1950.

When you begin this book, you enter into Luther’s world. This well-written, award-winning work has sold over one million copies. It is a must read and will monopolize your time until you finish