Stained glass image of Jesus with lamb

Liar, Lunatic, or Lord

By Bob Krupp C. S. Lewis did not think people should be allowed to call Jesus a nice teacher. Lewis believed that He left only three options as to who He was: a liar, a lunatic, or the Lord. Unbelieving critics have dismissed this as a classic case of a false alternative and prefer to […]

Morning fog

Stepping Into Mystery

Preaching is bound to take one into regions of the Word that one can only explain as mystery. One does not have to go far. Genesis 1:1 immediately informs the reader that one has entered into a revelation in ways both impenetrable and unimaginable. Hence, I cannot recall a week when, assigned the homiletical task, […]

Crowd at lake shore for baptism

Baptism: Meaning and Mode

The word “baptize” is a Greek word which has been adopted into the English language as part of our Christian vocabulary. The root word baptō means “to dip” or “dip into dye.” Baptizō is an intensive form of baptō and means “to dip” or “to immerse.” This word is used in the Greek translation of […]