Matter Matters to God

“Matter matters to God. It’s what the sacraments teach: bread and wine and water and oil and hands matter to God.” That’s one of the better quotes in this beautiful video on the fact that matter and flesh matter to God, and why that should matter to us. Other great lines include “God cares about […]

This Week on Trans·formed (1/26)

Featured Articles on Trans·formed This Week How (Not) to Inspire a Shared Vision. Like millions of other Americans, I tuned in to hear President Obama’s second inaugural address on Monday.  The President is rightly admired for his strong oratory skills and ability to use communication as an effective leadership skill.  That’s why I was so […]

A Good Day to Proclaim Bad News

We often ask people, “Do you want the good news or the bad news?” But sometimes we have to face the bad news before we can really understand why the good news is so good. According to Daniel Strange, Lecturer in Culture, Religion, and Public Theology at Oak Hill College, that’s precisely what Paul did in his […]