Invest Grieving Energies?

Tears filled our eyes. The loss of a child. How does a loving parent ever recover? Our dear, dear friends were walking this painful path of life. Clearly the props of life were knocked out from under them. We arrived at their home on what would have been Kelly’s 41st birthday. They embraced us with […]

The Props Knocked Out

This quote grabbed my attention as the news broadcasts seem to continually bring word of major catastrophes, deaths, wars, and economic losses—amidst the US Presidential Inauguration. God allows the props to be knocked out from beneath our feet in order that we might rest our weight fully upon Him. And this is true for nations […]

Our World is Shaking

Yesterday I left my hairdresser with a feeling of cloudiness surrounding me—more than the cold grey skies outside. I realized our entire conversation was about the tragedies in our world. Her final statement, “I think the next generation is without hope,” stuck like glue in my thoughts. If you want to get a take on […]