What To Do When You Fail

When you stumble in your walk with Jesus,what will you do? When you give into temptation and sin, what’s next? You need to know that these are defining moments in your life. If you don’t get this right, you will be miserable. There is nothing more miserable than a follower of Jesus hanging on to […]

Temptation Is Not Sin

A common misconception among believers, new and old alike, is that temptation is sin. New followers of Christ need to know this is not the case. Otherwise, they will fall into misery and defeat. “Temptation” is being enticed to sin. You are walking along the path and someone bumps into you, they hurt you; and […]

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that when you went through the gate, you were changed. You died to your old life and were raised to a new kind of life, the life of discipleship in which we humbly submit our will to God’s will. As a result, our lives start to change, start to show the […]