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Tools for Interpretation

Do you want to better understand the language and context of the Bible? Bible software can be a great resource in your studies. In fact, Western so believes in the benefit of these tools that we recently entered into a special arrangement with Logos to offer our students an amazing discount on that program. Below, three of our professors explain which program works the best for them and why.

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Progressive Covenantalism

Progressive Covenantalism, edited by Stephen Wellum and Brent Parker, is meant as a follow-up to Kingdom through Covenant, which was published in 2012. While both books seek to offer an alternative system to dispensationalism and covenant theology, this volume adds a greater level of depth to certain areas of the position through a series of articles that address particular aspects of progressive covenantalism, each written by a different author. In the introduction, the editors acknowledge that not every author would agree on all points. Still, each contributor resonates with the basic commitments of progressive covenantalism.

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Social Glory Seeking

Our culture at large gives renown and praise to celebrities for who they are, what they have accomplished, and the things they have produced. We taught that if you want your life to matter, you have to have people pay attention.

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The Gospel According to Heretics

This book is written with the understanding that we can best understand orthodox theology when it is put in dialogue with the early heresies faced by the church. Much of our well thought out and concrete theological explanations emerged out of direct dialogue and conflict with heretical theology that necessitated a clearer understanding and explanation of orthodox belief. It is with this in mind that David Wilhite wrote The Gospel According to Heretics: Discovering Orthodoxy through Early Christological Conflicts.

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4 Traps to Avoid While Living On Mission

Today’s post is being run in partnership with Gospel-Centered Discipleship (GCD), and is an excerpt from Aaron Morrow’s new book about living out and proclaiming the gospel in a small town context. In this post, the author looks back to four 1st century religious groups, and shows how their shortcomings serve to instruct us today.