Greek Grammar

Prepositions and Theology in the Greek New Testament

Prepositions and Theology in the Greek New Testament will be a helpful book for Greek scholars at several stages in their careers, and with several purposes in mind. The book is not written in such a way that it would take the place of a grammar (or the section of a grammar covering prepositions). Rather, it is intended to be a supplement, assisting the reader with further study into the use of prepositions in the Greek New Testament.


7 Simple Ways to Make Time for Beauty

Many of our lifestyles (running chaotically from task to task) have stifled any appetite for beauty. We need to jumpstart these affections by choosing to practice godly habits that put us in a posture to savor Christ’s beauty. The good news is that affections are like a muscle; they grow and develop as we exercise them.


Gospel-Centered Discipleship

Over the coming months, Western’s Transformed blog will be partnering with Gospel-Centered Discipleship (GCD). This will involve Transformed publishing a number of posts curated by GCD, as well as GCD cross-posting select Transformed content. In light of this, today’s post includes a brief introduction to GCD.