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The Gospel According to Heretics

This book is written with the understanding that we can best understand orthodox theology when it is put in dialogue with the early heresies faced by the church. Much of our well thought out and concrete theological explanations emerged out of direct dialogue and conflict with heretical theology that necessitated a clearer understanding and explanation of orthodox belief. It is with this in mind that David Wilhite wrote The Gospel According to Heretics: Discovering Orthodoxy through Early Christological Conflicts.

invitation to the septuagint

Invitation to the Septuagint

There are challenges and barriers that often keep students from engaging with the Greek translation of the Old Testament. Seminary students engage in the study of Greek and Hebrew for the purpose of reading the Bible in the language it was written in. With this in mind, it may seem counterintuitive to read the Old Testament in Greek, because this is as much a translation of the text as our English Bibles.


A Manifesto for Theological Interpretation

For a theologian, it is refreshing to find biblical scholars who are vested in the notion that Scripture ought to be read as something more than simply an ancient text. Indeed, those participating in the Seminar, on the whole, possess a deep conviction that the Bible is a book to be read in and for the benefit of the church – and that identifying Scripture’s proper ecclesial habitat in no way eviscerates scholarly endeavors concerning the text, but rather empowers them.