sacramental bread

A Sacramental Perspective on Creativity and the Arts

I am afraid that we have relegated Christianity to something in our mind and lost the sense of how holistic redemption is, how God communicates what Christianity is through the images that he has given to his church. There is a felt flatness to some versions of Christianity, not an embodied invitation to a historic sacramental Christianity. The historic images that God has given to his church are not the practices that usually come to our mind when we think of what it means to be a Christian.

Stained glass image of the Virgin Mary with the Christ Child

Book Review | Reformed Catholicity

Is Reformed Christianity compatible with catholicity (orthodoxy, as broadly and historically embraced)? This, in short, is the question that this monograph addresses. Penned by two professors of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, this self-proclaimed “manifesto” enters an ongoing conversation regarding the potential for and practice of doctrinal and hermeneutical retrieval.

Top 5 Books on the Trinity

To think about the Trinity is to think hard. But though the work is challenging, I would argue that the payoff is worth it. So, to help reap the rewards of this doctrine, I have provided a list of my top 5 (more or less) recent books that will help the church fall in love with the mysterious beauty of our one God in three persons.