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Three Reasons Pastors Should Intentionally Train Women

Even though the life of a pastor is hectic, it’s likely that educating leaders in your church to use the Bible well is high on your priority list. However, with a busy schedule and a focus on developing elders, pastors sometimes overlook the training of women. Or perhaps they want to train them, but they’re not sure how. Either way, women likely fill more than half of the seats in your church and want to handle the Word of God correctly, so their training is essential.


7 Simple Ways to Make Time for Beauty

Many of our lifestyles (running chaotically from task to task) have stifled any appetite for beauty. We need to jumpstart these affections by choosing to practice godly habits that put us in a posture to savor Christ’s beauty. The good news is that affections are like a muscle; they grow and develop as we exercise them.

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Why is Discipleship for All Believers?

Disciples of Jesus make disciples. It’s a life-changing truth. And it is one that has changed my life, as women who embraced this truth discipled me. These women knew that loving me meant concern for my growth. And so, they toiled to teach, encourage, and exhort me. These sisters helped me to increase in understanding, while also nurturing my heart, and laboring in prayer for me.