WorldVenture Sex Trafficking Awareness Video Course

In this three-hour video course, produced by Western Seminary's Center for Leadership Development in partnership with WorldVenture's Anti-Sex Trafficking ministry, you will be introduced to the sex trafficking industry, develop an understanding of survivors and perpetrators, hear a pastor's perspective, and receive helpful links to additional resources.

Lesson 1: Foundational Understanding (33 minutes)

  • Learn basic terms and definitions.
  • Where does sex trafficking happen and what are the contributing factor.
  • What is being done to address this issue?

Lesson 2: Supply and Demand (27 minutes)

  • Learn the "business system" that is driven by supply and demand.
  • How does culture play a role in this system?
  • How does pornography tie directly to sex trafficking?

Lesson 3: Understand the Victims and Survivors (27 minutes)

  • What is the profile of an average girl and how are they drawn in to exploitation?
  • How do you work with these girls?
  • Why are the girls drawn to pimps?

Lesson 4: The Link of Refugees and Immigrants (22 minutes)

  • What additional challenges do refugees/immigrants face?
  • How do the pimps or traffickers use our own culture to exploit children from other cultures?
  • How does the Church work with this population?

 Lesson 5: Lessons from a Pastor (33 minutes)

  • What process did you take your church through to bring attention to this issue?
  • Who and what helped you bring this topic to your church?
  • Challenges to getting started

 Lesson 6: Anti-Sex Trafficking Resource List (38 minutes)

  • Discussion of available resources in the following categories: awareness and education, prevention, disrupting demand, rescue, post-care, advocacy, mentorship, books and written material, internships, movies.

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