Time Budgeting Tool

How do I fit seminary into the rest of my life?

This online time planning tool will help give you an overall perspective of how seminary will fit into your life. To use the tool, change the values in any of the yellow boxes. Once a value has been changed, the totals below will automatically update.

Activity Weekly Hours
Devotion Prayer, Bible study, meditation, etc.
Meals Don't forget preperation, dining, and cleaning.
Sleep / Hygeine 8 hours of sleep per night is 56 hours per week.
Church / Ministry Gatherings, small groups, preperation, activities.
Transit Travel time to and back from home, work, church, seminary.
Family Don't forget date-night.
Fun Television, movies, games, parties, recreation.
Chores Laundry, shopping, cleaning
Total Life Hours  
Credit Hours 4 = half time, 8 = full time
Class Time Usually equal to the credit hours.
Homework 2 hours for every class hour (in some cases 3 to 1)
Total Study Hours  
Grand Total 168 hours in one week
Free Time  
% Committed