Does My Life Have Meaning?

You—             Do you ever wonder why?             Seems like the grass is always greener             Under everybody else’s sky             But right here, right here for this time and place             You can live a mirror of His mercy, a forgiven image of grace…. Wayne Watson’s song seemed to mirror my own thoughts as […]

The Power of Assumptions

[NOTE: this article comes to us from Angie Ward, PhD.] The young pastor and his new wife packed all their earthly belongings into a 14’ U-Haul , said their goodbyes to friends and neighbors, and began the 950-mile drive to their first church. They were excited to begin “real” ministry after graduating from seminary together, […]

This Week on Trans·formed (5/27)

Featured Articles on Trans·formed This Week Dung Beetles in Heaven (Marc Cortez): I’m sorry to say that the way most people describe Heaven sounds rather boring to me. Ask what they’re looking forward to about Heaven, and many people will say something about finding lost loved ones—sometimes even lost pets—the end of pain and sorrow, finally […]