How to Hire Leaders

Tim served as Lead Pastor for a large and growing church when he contacted me for coaching.  By all measures of success, he was doing well as a pastor:  the church was flourishing under his leadership, his staff members were thriving, his family was healthy, and his own soul was growing.  So I wondered what […]

On Propriety

This past weekend our congregation had the privilege of listening to some world class music. A guest musician, known for his mastery in music, accepted our invitation to come, and what we heard from the keyboards of both piano and organ was absolutely stunning. But I noticed something, something that I am observing more and […]


What Took Me By Surprise

“What took me by surprise was the power, the all-consuming grip, the sudden shock of an emotion rolling over me, literally rendering me unable to function for a moment or sometimes longer.” “Imagine a single event dramatically changing your calendar, your checkbook, your friendship network, the contents of your refrigerator, the temperature you set your […]

Without an Invitation, It’s Just a Story

I love it when people share the gospel story. Especially when they do a good job. Hearing them trace the grand narrative from creation, through the fall, into God’s faithful presence with his people Israel, all the way to the coming of Messiah and his life, death, resurrection, and ascension. And I get particularly excited […]