Biblical Languages

NTS 508E – Introducing the Foundation of Greek Exegesis. William D. Mounce, Ph.D. Recognizing the importance of using the original language for the interpretation of the New Testament, you will acquire a thorough foundation in biblical Greek. You will learn the essentials of grammar and an adequate vocabulary by doing exercises, by reading 1 John, and by the use of appropriate language and computer tools. $60 language fee. DVD Format. 3 credits. Note, NTS 508-509 are designed to be taken in sequence.)

NTS 509E – Greek Reading and Syntax: Building on the Base for Exegesis. Marc Cortez, Ph.D. Building upon the foundation of grammar and vocabulary, you will read substantial portions of theologically significant passages in all genres of the literature of the New Testament in order to discover the value of the Greek New Testament for theological thinking and Christian living. To these passages you will apply the essentials of Greek syntax with a view to gaining an ability to think syntactically when reading the text and for solving significant doctrinal issues practical to spiritual life and ministry. Prerequisite: NTS 508. $60 language fee. 3 credits.

NTS 510E – Greek Exegesis: Acquiring Interpretive Skills. James DeYoung, Ph.D.In this course you will bring together the skills of grammar, reading, and syntax as you develop a thorough, fifteen-step method for interpreting New Testament literature. You will gain an appreciation for various New Testament genres and textual criticism. You will produce exegetical and expositional products useful for constructing theology, teaching, preaching, and enhancing spiritual growth. Prerequisite: NTS 508, NTS 509, or the consent of the instructor. 3 credits.

OTS 508E – Introducing the Foundation of Hebrew Exegesis. Jan Verbruggen, Ph.D. In this class, you will acquire a good foundation of Biblical Hebrew. You will learn the basic grammar up to the strong verb. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of basic Hebrew syntax. You will further sharpen your Hebrew skills by doing exercises, by reading the book of Ruth, by memorizing some basic vocabulary, and by the use of appropriate Hebrew language tools. $60 language fee. 3 credits.

OTS 509E – Hebrew Reading and Syntax: Building on the Base for Exegesis. Jan Verbruggen, Ph.D. A short systematic review and presentation of the grammar and syntax will be given, and then, building on the foundation of grammar and vocabulary, the grammar of the weak verb is covered. This knowledge will be further strengthened by reading the book of Jonah, and other various selected passages, with special attention to different points of syntax. An in-depth instruction is given in the use of various computer tools, which will help us in our quest for the meaning of the text. $60 language fee. Prerequisite: OTS 508E or equivalent. 3 credits.

OTS 510E – Hebrew Exegesis: Acquiring Interpretative Skills. Jan Verbruggen, Ph.D. This is the crowning achievement of Hebrew study. In this class you bring all your knowledge to bear on the text to get to the meaning of the text. Through a multi-layered interpretative system, the student will be able to bring out the original meaning of the text. You will produce exegetically sound and expositionally attractive products, useful for theology, teaching, preaching and your own spiritual growth. Prerequisites: OTS 508 and OTS 509. 3 credits.

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