Longtime Western Colleague Joins Core Faculty

Jon Raibley

Nov. 3, 2023

Western Seminary is pleased to announce that Jon Raibley, EdD has been approved as a member of our core faculty. Raibley has been at Western since 1988, helping grow our online degree programs. He will continue in his role as Associate Director of Global Learning.

"Jon has been serving faithfully at Western for a long time, but this recognizes his qualifications and the valuable perspective he will bring to the rest of the faculty," said Josh Mathews, PhD, dean of faculty and vice president of academic affairs. 

Raibley is looking forward to exploring more ways for the faculty at Western to deepen their impact on students. 

"Being asked to be a faculty member is an unexpected honor," he said.  "One of the things that I was impressed with in this process is how seriously the faculty and board take their roles of keeping Western focused on being Bible-based and on being agents of spiritual transformation."