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Our students tell us year after year that our instructors outperform their expectations. Our core and adjunct faculty members carry the academic credentials necessary to teach in an accredited seminary. These men and women care deeply for their students’ personal and spiritual development, and they absolutely love Jesus. But we suspect that they make such an impact because they are ministry practitioners whose teaching carries a weight and relevance born from years of experience.


core faculty
adjunct faculty

Core Faculty

Hannah Acquaye

Hannah Acquaye, PhD
Associate Professor of Counseling

Phyllis Bennett

Phyllis Bennett, DMin
Director, Women's Center for Ministry

Gerry Breshears

Gerry Breshears, PhD
Professor of Systematic Theology

Kay Bruce

Kay Bruce, PsyD
Professor of Counseling


E.D. Burns, PhD
Director, Master of Arts in Global Leadership Studies

Chuck Conniry

Chuck Conniry, PhD
Professor of Pastoral Theology

Daniel K. Eng

Daniel K. Eng, PhD
Assistant Professor of New Testament Language and Literature

Pali Gill

Pali Gill, PhD
Assistant Professor of Counseling

Rachel Heffield

Rachel Heffield, PhD
Assistant Professor of Counseling
Chair, Center for Personal and Spiritual Formation
Director, Master of Arts in Counseling

Dan Kimball

Dan Kimball, DMin
Director of the Regeneration Project
Bay Area Cohort Host

John Y. Kwak

John Y. Kwak, PhD
Asst. Professor of Pastoral Theology
Asst. Director, Doctor of Ministry Program

Carl Laney

J. Carl Laney, ThD
Professor Emeritus

Ryan Lister

Ryan Lister, PhD
Professor of Theology

Doug Locke

Doug Locke, MFT, LPCC
Addiction Studies Coordinator

Ron Marrs

Ron Marrs, PhD
Professor of Youth and Pastoral Ministry
Chair, Center for Ministry and Leadership Studies


Josh Mathews, PhD
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dean of Faculty
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Todd Miles

Todd Miles, PhD
Professor of Theology
Director, Master of Theology degree

David Nystrom

David Nystrom, PhD
Professor of Biblical Studies

Andrew Pack

Andrew Pack, EdD
Director of Online Learning
Assistant Professor of Christian Formation

Beth Peterson

Beth Peterson, PhD Candidate
Assistant Professor of Counseling

Judith Richards

Judith Richards, PhD
Professor of Counseling

Randy Roberts

Randy Roberts, DMin
Professor of Spiritual Life Development
President Emeritus

Stephen Stallard

Stephen Stallard, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry

Matthew Thiesen 1

Matthew Thiesen, MS
Director of Library and Information Services

Norm Thiesen

Norm Thiesen, PhD
Professor of Counseling

Gary Tuck

Gary Tuck, PhD
Professor of Biblical Studies

Jan Verbruggen

Jan Verbruggen, PhD
Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature
Coordinator for Israel Study Programs
Director, Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies

Enoch Wan

Enoch Wan, PhD
Professor of Intercultural Studies
Director, Doctor of of Education and Doctor of Intercultural Studies

Bryan Warren

Bryan Warren, PhD
Instructor of Counseling

Bev Wiens

Bev Wiens, PhD, LMFT
Director of Sacramento MA in Counseling Program
Professor of Counseling

Adjunct Faculty

Lisa Achilles, MA Counseling
Bethany Allen, MA Women's Transformational Leadership
Richard Andersen Hebrew
LaSondra Barnes, EdD Women's Transformational Leadership
Phyllis Bennett, DMin Women's Transformational Leadership
John Branner, DIS Intercultural Studies
Ben Burns, MA Pastoral Ministry
Trish Bussey Jeter, MA Women's Transformational Leadership
Bryan Chapell, PhD Pastoral Ministry
Janell Chinn, MDiv Women's Transformational Leadership
Bill Clem, MA Spiritual Formation
Katy Conli, PhD Counseling
David Cooke, MDiv Coaching
Jim DeYoung, ThD New Testament
David Dillman, MA Counseling
Traver Dougherty, PhD Discipleship
Andy Dvoracek, PhD Biblical Studies
Zachary Eswine, PhD Preaching
Barbara Field, MA Counseling
Andy Flowers, DMin Ministry Formation
Bart Fowler, PsyD Counseling
Jeffrey Garner, DMin Ministry and Leadership
Matthew Godshall, PhD New Testament
Kimberly Grassi, PhD Old Testament
Guy Gray, MA Bible and Theology
Bill Graybill, DMin Coaching
Dale Gustafson, MA Ministry
Tim Harmon, PhD Bible and Theology
Ryan Hauck, MA, MDiv Counseling
Mark Hedinger, DMiss Intercultural Studies
Gale Heide, PhD Theology
Brad Henderson, DMin Ministry
Jon Holmes, MA Counseling
Lia Huynh, MA Counseling
Christy Hyun, MA Counseling
Dan Jarrell, DMin Pastoral Ministry
John Johnson, PhD Theology
William Ki, DMin Theology
Cindy Kizanis, DIS Counseling
Nicole La Verne, PsyD Counseling
J. Carl Laney, PhD Bible
Felicia Larson, MA Women's Transformational Leadership
Matthew Lea, PhD Counseling
Stephen Leckvold, ThM Bible and Theology
Thomas Lucking, PhD Counseling
Timothy Mackie, PhD Biblical Languages
Jeffrey Mammen, MDiv Ministry
Jonathan Martin, MA Theology and Ministry
Russell Meek, PhD Biblical Studies
Rick Melick, PhD Biblical Studies
Tony Merida,PhD Preaching
Linda Miller, MA, MCC Coaching
Steve Mathewson, PhD Pastoral Ministry
Julia Mayo, ThM Bible and Theology
Harry Motro, PsyD Counseling
Adam Nigh, PhD Church History
Mary Ann Noack, MA Women's Transformational Leadership
Nathan Nymeyer, ThM Bible and Theology
Jason Pedersen, ThM Bible and THeology
Brian Person, MDiv Counseling
Galen Peterson, DMiss Intercultural Studies
Ken Philipp, PsyD Counseling
Mike Pohlman, PhD Spiritual Formation
Heath Randall, DPharm Counseling
Bob Rapp, ThM Theology, Biblical Studies
Scott Reavely, DMin Pastoral Ministry
Susan Reynolds, MA Counseling
Perry Rhue, MA Coaching
Carissa Richards, PhD Bible and Theology
Demetrius Rogers, ThM Bible and Theology
Leanne Schamp, PhD Counseling
Janie Sheedy, MA Counseling
Lisa Shrewsbury, MA Counseling
Robert Smith, DMin Pastoral Ministry
Steven Stiles, ThM New Testament
Bradley Swope, DMin Ministry
Paul Thome, MCC Coaching
Bruce Turner, PhD Bible and Theology
David Wenzel, PhD Counseling
Rob Wiggins, PhD Christian Spirituality
Mary Wilder, MD Intercultural Studies
Whitney Woollard, MA Women's Transformational Leadership