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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Western Seminary works hard to keep quality theological training affordable. The resources here will help you anticipate the costs currently associated with student life, and if you have need, please explore financial aid options such as scholarships and loans.

Think you can't afford seminary? Think again.

The Spring 2022 tuition deadline is Friday, Jan. 14.

2021–2022 Tuition and Fees

Master's Level Tuition
 Credit (includes MA/MFT)  $617 per hour
 Master of Counseling (Portland Campus) Credit  $647 per hour
 Auxiliary Courses (Perspectives, CRU, etc.)  $277 per hour
 Audit   $147 per hour
Doctoral Level Tuition
Credit Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)  $647 per hour
Credit Doctor of Intercultural Studies (D.Int.St.)  $687 per hour
Credit Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)  $687 per hour
Audit   $167 per hour
Term Fees

Education Resource Fee
Required for all students in programs registered for at least one course for credit each term.

$220 per term

Special Programs

Enrichment  $147 per hour
CEU (in addition to audit or enrichment tuition cost) Varies by Learning Activity
CTC Certificate Transformation Coaching $4,200 ($700/class)
     Advanced CTC $2,100 ($700/class)

Other Fees

Application Processing Fee/transcript evaluation fee $50
Late Registration Fee After Open Registration Period Ends $50 one time with first course registration
Course Change Add Fee After Semester begins $25 per course
Course Change Drop Fee After Open Registration Period $25 per course
Advanced Standing Examination Fee $60 one time sitting fee plus $30 per credit on passing exams
Delinquent Account Fee - On balances under $2,000 $50 per month
Delinquent Account Fee - On balances over $2,000 $100 per month
Counseling Internship Continuation Fee $400 per class


For Processing Within 7-10 Business Days $5 per copy
For Processing Within 3 Business Days $15 per US addresss plus $5 per copy
Diploma Reorder Fee $30

Important Dates and Events


Estimate the total costs of your seminary training as well as financial aid awards using our expense and aid calculator.

Expense and Aid Calculator