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Why Western Seminary?

Why Western Seminary?

Today, 1 in 5 Americans has no religious affiliation1. Our world is increasingly desperate for a Church that truly conveys the power of gospel-centered transformation.



Western Seminary loves the Church, which is why we're committed to training Christians to guide and strengthen it, forever transforming the world with the gospel. Our students become pastors, counselors, chaplains, coaches, educators, and missionaries who are marked by ministry effectiveness and profound love for Jesus. They train with us because we focus on trustworthy and accessible training for gospel-centered transformationand here's exactly what that means:

Gospel-Centered Transformation

Nothing changes lives like the gospel. More than just salvation, it promises to transform the way that we spend lives in service to the Lord. This is why the gospel is at the core of curriculum in all Western classes—not only Bible or theology classes. Our students become part of a movement to restoring the gospel to a place of centrality in the churches and communities where they serve.

Life and Learning in the West

We proudly call the Western United States our home. You'll find each of our campuses located here in what has been and will continue to be one of the intellectual and spiritual frontiers of the country. Not only does this make for a challenging, diverse, and enriching place to train, it offers incredible outdoor recreational opportunities that the rest of the world travels to enjoy.

Rigorous Education, Designed for Action

Schools are often distinguished for trademark specialties such as research, athletics, or online access. More than anything, our reputation is built around seeing our students become skilled and compassionate ministry practitioners who follow in Jesus' footsteps. That's why you'll find experienced thinkers/doers teaching each Western class.

Anywhere Access

Our convenient course scheduling allows students to train in the midst of family, career, and ministry commitments without the need to relocate. Some study all online, or blend online with on-campus courses. Every student earning a degree receives Logos Bible Software so they can access a massive theological library wherever they are in the world. We’re always looking for new ways to train people who aren’t waiting for graduation day to get involved in ministry.

Readiness to Serve in the Real World

More than 6000 men and women from around the world have graduated from Western Seminary since our founding in 1927. No matter what country or context they serve in, they desire not to isolate the Church from the world, but to engage the world with the Church and the good news that it alone can offer. And they keep on learning years after they graduate.




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Training Types:

  • Master’s Degrees
  • Doctorate Degrees
  • Certificates
  • Non-Credit Training