Center of Diaspora & Relational Research

Center of Diaspora & Relational Research

Two Branches

  • Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS)
  • Institute of Relational Research (IRR)


To conduct research and produce publication on diaspora missiology and relational paradigm for the practice of Christian mission.


The joint efforts of researchers and practitioners seeking to understand and minister through IDS & IRR by invitation of the director.


Western Seminary Press is formed and directed by Enoch Wan solely for the purpose of conducting research and producing publication of CDRR and is managed by Enoch Wan with no financial and legal liability to Western Seminary.

IDS published books (pre-CDRR)

TitleAuthorsDate Y/M/DPublisher
Diaspora Missiology: Theory, Methodology, and Practice Second Edition Enoch Wan 2015/11/15 Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS)
Scattered Africans Keep Coming Yaw Attah Edu-Bekoe & Enoch Wan 2013/4/2 Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS)
Mobilizing Vietnamese Diaspora for the Kingdom Enoch Wan & Thanh Trung Le 2014/8/21 Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS)
Wandering Jews and Scattered Sri Lankans Enoch Wan & Ted Rubesh 2014/8/27 Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS)
2011 Triple Disaster in Japan and the Diaspora

Enoch Wan & Elton S. L. Law

2014/9/10 Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS)
Church Planting Among Immigrants in US Urban Centers Enoch Wan & Anthony Francis Casey 2014/10/28 Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS)

CDRR published books: Diaspora

TitleAuthorsSeries #Date Y/M/DPublisher
Chinese Diaspora Kingdom Workers: In Action and With Guidance Enoch Wan & Jacky Lau D2 2019/8/15 Western Seminary Press
Engaging Chinese Diaspora in the Ministry of Bible Translation Enoch Wan & Jeremiah Chung D3 2019/12/8 Western Seminary Press
Diaspora Missions to International Students Enoch Wan, Editor D4 2019/8/30 Western Seminary Press
Missions Beyond the Diaspora: Local Cross-cultural Ministry of Chinese Congregations in the San Francisco Bay Area Enoch Wan & Mike Hung Lei D5 2019/12/26
Multiethnic Ministry and Diaspora Missions in Action: A Case Study of the Wu Chang Church of Kaohsiung, Taiwan Enoch Wan & John Kuo D6 2019/12/20
The Hispanic Hybrid Identity in Miami: Ethnographic Description and Missiological Implications Enoch Wan & J. David Lopez D7 2021/8/20 Western Academic Publishers

CDRR published books: Relational

TitleAuthorsSeries #Date Y/M/DPublisher
Engaging the Secular World through Life-on-life Disciple-making in the British Context Enoch Wan & Shane Mikeska R1 2020/1/7
A Theology of Spirit-Anointed Witness in Holistic Christian Mission Framed in the Relational Paradigm Enoch Wan & Mathew Karimpanamannil R2 2019/12/20
Missionary Preparation in The Gospel Of Matthew in Light of 28:16-20: A Narrative and Relational Study Enoch Wan & Rob Penner R3 2022/2/18 Western Academic Publishers
A Holistic and Contextualized Mission Training Program: Equipping Lay Leaders for Local Mission in Vietnam Enoch Wan & Tin Nguyen R4 Yet to be published Western Academic Publishers
Holistic Mission through Mission Partnership: An Instrumental Case Study in La Ceiba, Honduras Enoch Wan & John Jay Flinn R5 2021/8/19 Western Academic Publishers
Motivations For Mission: A Relational-Covenantal Perspective Enoch Wan & Christopher M. Santiago R6 Yet to be published Western Academic Publishers
Marketplace Transformation: Motivating and Mobilizing Chinese Churches in the Silicon Valley for Gospel Transformation Enoch Wan & Howard Chen R7 2021/8/12 Western Academic Publishers
Covenant Transformative Learning: Theory and Practice for Mission Ryan Gimple & Enoch Wan R8 2021/8/19 Western Academic Publishers
The Cross and the Kaleidoscope: Substitutionary Atonement and our Relationships Alex Early & Enoch Wan R9 2021/11/2 Western Academic Publishers
Doxological Missiology: Theory, Motivation, and Practice Enoch Wan & Jace Cloud R10 2022/2/28 Western Academic Publishers
Relational Leadership Development: An Ethnological Study in Inuit Contexts Enoch Wan & John Ferch R11 2022/2/19 Western Academic Publishers
Establishing Frontline LGBTQ Outreach: An Exploratory Study Noel Chiu & Enoch Wan R12 2022/2/21 Western Academic Publishers

 For more information about CDRR, please contact:

Dr. Enoch Wan, Director of CDRR, at 503.517.1804 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.