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Enoch Wan, PhD

photo of Enoch Wan
Professor of Intercultural Studies
Director, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Intercultural Studies
  • Portland Campus, Milliken Hall, 307
  • 503.517.1804
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"Students in the doctoral program are to grasp and experience Gospel-Centered education within the “relational paradigm” which places high priority on vertical relationship (with the Triune God), from which horizontal relationships (in the contexts of family and ministry) naturally flow."

Degrees Earned

MA, PhD in Anthropology

State University of New York at Stony Brook

MTS.,  New Testament Studies and Counseling

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

Nyack College 

A Defining Moment

"A real life turning point was coming to New York as a lonely foreign student in 1970 when I learned to trust God for provision and protection and began walking in the Spirit. Those were formative years in life style and academic pursuit.

The history of my family is generations of diaspora: China to Hong Kong to Canada to USA that resulted in the book: Diaspora Missiology: Theory, Methodology, and Practice (2011).

The pursuit and practice of “relational paradigm” (vertical + horizontal relationships, with proper priority and true integrity) is my life-long journey and career development: best exemplified by a recent publication: Relational Missionary Training (2017)." 

Enoch Wan's Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Access Dr. Wan's work and ministry experience, as well as his history in publication:

Enoch Wan's CV