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Resource of the Month!

"The God of Sex and Gender" from the 2016 Canvas Conference 

(Approx. 13:57 minutes)


Dr. Todd Miles is Professor of Theology at Western Seminary where he teaches Theology, Hermeneutics, Church History, and Ethics. He also currently serves as an Elder at Hinson Church in Portland, Oregon. 


Online Help Resources

On occasion, we all need help. The Online Campus continues to create helpful text and video help resources to make your use of our advanced learning systems easier. Whether you need assistance with Integr@te, the Online Learning Centers or even your regional campus' online classrooms, you will likely find what you need at the following link:

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Behind the Curtain: Jon Raibley!


If Western Seminary is considered a pioneering online program among ATS-accredited seminaries, then Jon Raibley is surely the pioneer who has helped make it all happen.  Jon has served the online students of the seminary for more than 30 years in a variety of educational leadership roles and currently serves as the Assistant Director of the Online Campus. In that role he is the one person most responsible for working with our faculty to create the courses that drive our online degree programs, diplomas and certificates.

To help you know Jon better, we recently sat down with him to ask the questions we believe you would ask if given the opportunity. Let's see what Jon has to say!


 State Authorizations

The online (distance education) program of Western Seminary is currently authorized to operate in 49 of the 50 states and the District of Columbia under the terms of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). In California, Western's online program operates by separate authorization.


A Great Giving Opportunity
If you would like to help support the training mission of Western Seminary, you can use this Amazon search link to order your books and other products from As an Amazon Associate, the Western Seminary system in Oregon and California benefits from each qualifying purchase - and all at no cost to you!