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Computer System Requirements

All Systems

The Online Campus uses Integrate to deliver course resources and an online learning center (OLC) for peer-to-peer and faculty-to-student interaction. Further, all Western Seminary degree students receive a license for Logos Bible Software, a very powerful research and study resource. To optimize your study experience, we recommend the following system configuration.

  • Word processor able to write to Microsoft Word™ .docx format
  • High-speed broadband internet connection
  • PowerPoint 2003™ recommended but not required (free viewer available)
  • Email program able to send and receive email attachments
  • Acrobat Reader™ (free download)


  • Windows™ 10 or Mac™ OS x 10.14 "Mojave" and above
  • 8th generation quad-core processor
  • 16 GB RAM (Recommended)
  • 60 GB Free Space - Internal HDD / SSD Only
  • 2560 x 1440 Screen resolution

Web Conferencing

  • Web camera (High Definition)
  • Mic / Earphones Headset
  • Basic license for Zoom Video Conferencing (Available for free download at

If you have questions, please call the Online Campus offices prior to enrollment in a distance learning course.


Integr@te is designed to function effectively under both the Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems. However, older versions of Macintosh, prior to 10.6.8, are no longer supported in the newer version of Adobe Air, so you may need to download an older version. For Mac 10.7.2 users,  Adobe Air will not install on this version of the OS. Please update your Mac to version 10.7.3 prior to installation.

Important Notes

  • Students should not anticipate using public wi-fi hotspots for course downloads. The bandwidth is too limited and unpredictable to provide a good download experience. We recommend that students invest in dependable, high-speed home Internet services to ensure effective use of new online tools and systems. In 2016, no student should expect to be able to start and complete a graduate-level seminary degree without the necessary resources.
  • The Online Campus does not recommend, and cannot support, software installation or use on work computers. These systems have typically been set up by the employer's IT department to serve the needs of the organization, not of our online program. We cannot warrant that our software will function effectively on work computers, and we will not make changes to your systems to solve installation or operational problems.
  • Each student should have his or her own individual email address suitable for seminary communications. We discourage husband and wife accounts, family accounts, or other shared email accounts when used for academic purposes. Our faculty and staff need to be able to communicate with you privately concerning educational matters. GMail, Yahoo and other services provide email addresses at no charge.