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Youth Ministry

(FORMAT:  Media Inhanced Text Based courses)  If you have any questions about these, please contact Ron Marrs, PhD. at Western Seminary

YM501 - Developing a Theological Model for 21st Century Youth Ministry. Ron Marrs, Ph.D. The historical, philosophical, and theological underpinnings of youth ministry will first be introduced. Then popular models of contemporary youth ministry (both congregational and para-congregational) will be described and evaluated. 2 credits.  

YM502 -Managing Youth Mnistry. Ron Marrs, Ph.D. Specific competencies for leadership and management of youth ministry will be imparted, including the tasks of organizing, equipping, training, program assessment, staff relationships and personnel evaluation. Specific emphasis will be given to developing a growing and multiplying ministry. 2 credits.

YM503 - Spiritual Formation of Youth. Ron Marrs, Ph.D. You will gain insight into effective nurturing of an adolescent’s spiritual life through mentoring, spiritual direction, discipleship, and shepherding. You will also gain greater insight into the emergence of adolescent spiritual maturity. 1 credit.