Western Seminary Student Handbook

Welcome to Western Seminary

Welcome to Western Seminary

Dear Students,

We are pleased that you have chosen to be a part of the Western Seminary community. To be part of our community, it is obvious that you have seen God's hand in your life and both you and others, particularly those who may have submitted a reference for your admissions application, believe that He is calling you to be equipped to serve Him. The wonderful thing is that your own formation really does involve the whole community. Certainly, your faculty will have a significant role in that formation but so will the staff, your fellow students, and your own church community. In fact, some of the most formative times in your time here may occur outside a traditional classroom or online learning environment.

We believe that this time in your life is an opportunity for you to learn; not just knowing more about the Bible and theology, though that will certainly occur. We also believe that the curriculum at Western Seminary is designed to transform your heart. We want you to learn more about what Gospel-Centered Transformation looks like in your own life as you also seek to promote such transformation in those around you through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We also believe that being developed for continued ministry is more than just attaining more knowledge or learning about specific ministry skills. Ministry is about relationships because that is how God made us. To that end, we desire that you engage with this community in your own formation process and that of others as God is transforming all of us into the likeness of His Son. Indeed, our relationship to Him is the foundation of our community.

As part of your formation, we provide a number of resources for you that can be found in this handbook. We have information and guidelines for our community related to the academic process in and outside the classroom, planning for your education, expectations for interacting with other members of the community, and services that we provide on each of our campuses. On each of the pages of this handbook we have provided contact information for the people who may best be able to serve you. Please contact us as we desire to help and get to know you better through the process.

Again, we are glad that you are part of this community and are pleased that you have joined us in this journey together.

Together for Him,

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