Wireless Internet Services

Wi-Fi Access on Campus

Wireless at Western Seminary has a series of wireless network connections located throughout the campus. For questions, please contact Executive Dean Dan Ruiz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who Has Access?

Our network has an enabled security and is intended exclusively for those associated with Western Seminary. This wireless is only intended for laptops and not phones. You will see four wireless Access Points here at Western Seminary, but you will only be able to access WS-STUDENT. WS1 is for faculty and staff. WS2 is for adjuncts. WS-GUEST is for guests. WS3 is for IT use.

How Do I Connect to Campus Wi-Fi?

  1. Access the wireless network connection icon on your laptop to view wireless networks in range.
  2. Click on the network called “WS-STUDENT” and connect to it.  Enter the network password, available from the Student Services Office.
  3. You should be connected at this point to the network.
  4. Change the order of your networks, so the “WS-STUDENT” network is listed first in your preference.