Wireless Internet Access

Western Seminary has a password-protected wireless internet network that is available for use by students. The password can be found in S.I.S..

At Western Seminary, we are a community of the body of Christ studying and working together and therefore called to consider how our actions might affect others, even in the realm of wireless internet use.

While the seminary continues to expand its wi-fi presence and capacity, we will continue to monitor and manage bandwidth. Therefore we ask that students, staff, and faculty be mindful of how they are using the internet while on campus and prioritize their online presence to tasks related to their academics, work, or ministry. This would include avoiding things like video and games that have high bandwidth use. This will help everyone to be able to access the wireless network for use for their education and work. Additionally, we ask that you also respect instructors and fellow students in the classroom and avoid using the internet in a way that will be distracting to others during class.