Adding and Dropping Classes

You must be officially registered for a course in order to attend class sessions. The deadlines for adding and dropping courses are available from the registrar or online in the Student Information System (S.I.S).

Drop deadlines vary by class, due to the varied scheduling and format of courses. Adds require the electronic approval of the student’s advisor. Advisors and/or an appropriate staff or faculty member are notified electronically of any class dropped via S.I.S.

An add or drop is not made official until the student has completed the add/drop process in S.I.S. online registration.

The official time of the drop is the date and time the student drops the course online, in S.I.S., not the date/time the student stops attending class, even if the student informs the instructor of his/her intention to drop.

Once you have registered for a class, you are expected to complete the work and attend all class meetings. You are still liable for the tuition involved.

If a student fails to drop a course prior to the drop deadline but does not satisfactorily complete sufficient course requirements to earn a passing grade, the student will receive a failing grade unless the student has petitioned and been granted permission by the Administrative Committee to withdraw without academic penalty.