Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

Due to ongoing care and concern for our students, Western will automatically enroll you in our Emergency Notification System. This will help students stay better informed and protected in case of an emergency.

To meet the federal requirements and to be prepared for violence or natural disasters, students, faculty and staff are contacted via Western's Emergency Notification System, based on contact information entered into S.I.S. As such, students must ensure their contact information in S.I.S. is up-to-date. Notifications may be sent via email, text message or voicemail.

Notifications will only be sent in the event of a true emergency situation, as indicated by the following categories: 

  1. Security incidents (e.g. theft, individual on campus threatening harm to others)
  2. Health alerts: (e.g. Coronavirus/Covid-19)
  3. Severe weather (e.g. snow event, flood, severe thunderstorms)
  4. Campus closings (e.g. natural gas leak, inclement weather, non-routine building closure)