Individualized and Independent Study

Individualized Study

The Academic Dean, or designated representative, in consultation with a faculty advisor and proposed course instructor, may approve an individualized course of study. This elective permits students to design and pursue personalized courses. The course numbers for master’s-level studies are generally listed in the catalog with a 580 numeration, 680 for Th.M. To be eligible for approval, the study must:

  • Not replicate a course normally offered in the regular curriculum.
  • Have the support of the faculty member who would potentially supervise the study.
  • Pursue defined objectives which are clearly set forth in a course syllabus prior to registration.
  • Be undertaken by a student maintaining an overall grade point average of at least 3.4 in the degree program.

Independent Study

The Administrative Committee, in consultation with a faculty advisor and proposed course instructor, may grant permission for a student to enroll in a regular course through independent study. To be eligible for approval, independent study should not be undertaken solely for personal convenience, but because of scheduling conflicts that prevent the student from taking the course when it is normally offered.

An Academic Petition must accompany all requests for independent study, explaining the circumstances which warrant this format, as opposed to an on-campus course. Requests should be submitted to the Administrative Committee via the Registrar well in advance of the first day of the semester.