Cancellation of Registration for Non-Payment

Students may not register for classes, secure grade reports or transcripts or attend classes in any subsequent semester if he or she has not completed payment for courses already taken. If a student is delinquent on account, the Seminary reserves the right to cancel registration for non-payment. Western Seminary does not have individual payment plans for students who are currently enrolled. If a student’s registration is cancelled, the student may not re-enroll until his or her account is cleared and appropriate payment has been made for new enrollment. Notification of cancellation of registration will be sent by the Business Office via email. Students should contact the Assistant Controller with questions.

Registration will be cancelled on the first day of the third week for students with less than 12 credits successfully completed. Students with 12 or more credits successfully completed may receive additional communication prior to cancellation.

Failure to pay a past-due account results in the account being turned over to a debt-collections firm. The institution reserves the right to add to the debt any collection and court costs subsequently associated with the collection of the debt.