Portland Campus Parking

  • Student vehicles may be parked in the paved lot. Students may not park in areas clearly signed as “Reserved” or labeled “No Parking,” nor on campus sidewalks or in a manner that blocks a campus sidewalk.
  • Motorcycles/Mopeds must use regular parking spaces. They may not be parked on sidewalks or in/near areas labeled “No Parking.”
  • There are disabled person parking spaces near the Resident Security house and east of Milliken Hall for persons displaying a “Disabled Person Parking Permit” clearly in their front window.
  • For saftey and well-being considerations, Students are asked to not keep dogs in their vehicles while parked on campus.

Parking Lot Speed Limit

For your personal safety, as well as that of others, please keep vehicle speeds in the parking lots to a maximum of 5 mph. Also, please refrain from using “short cuts” across parking spaces.

Penalty for Unauthorized Parking

Individuals parked in restricted areas as noted above will receive a written warning left with the vehicle and vehicle information will be recorded. The vehicle should then be moved as soon as possible. (A verbal warning will be offered if the owner is either known or present.) If the vehicle remains for an extended period of time it becomes subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Leaving a Car in the Western Seminary Lot Overnight

Western Seminary allows, on a limited basis and only by permission, for vehicles to be parked unattended overnight on campus at the owner’s own risk. (We do not guarantee the safety of your vehicle when parked overnight.)

If there is a need to park a vehicle on campus overnight or for an extended period of time, please notify Physical Plant Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in the Carriage House. You will be asked to provide the following information in the event of an emergency or other incident involving your vehicle:

  • Owner name
  • Contact information/phone number
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Vehicle year
  • License plate state and number
  • Vehicle color/identifying marks
  • When the vehicle will be picked up

Vehicles left parked on /Western Seminary property overnight without proper permission as detailed above will be subject to a written warning and possible removal at the owner’s expense.

Sleeping in vehicles overnight on campus is not allowed, without exception.