Email and Campus Mailboxes

Each Western Seminary student is expected to have and use a personal email address.

Email is the primary and official means that the Seminary will use to communicate with students regarding such things as registration information and materials, and financial matters. Not having or not checking email will not be considered grounds for waiving or reducing financial penalties.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to see that the Seminary has your current email address. All students should report email addresses, including changes, to the Portland Campus Student Services office. Students may also update their contact information via the Student Information System

If you do not otherwise have internet access, the Student Services office can help you set up a free email account that you can access on the computers in the library.

Campus Mailboxes

Instructors may return coursework and papers to you in class, through our Online Classrooms, or in a mailbox on campus.  Please see below for the means used for returning assignments at your campus location.

Portland Campus

Portland Campus and flex students are assigned mailboxes upon request. The mailbox number should be written, along with your name, on all school papers and on all correspondence. You should check your mailbox frequently for messages and mail. Campus mailboxes, though not enclosed or locked, are dedicated for the exclusive use of the person to whom they are assigned. Going through another person’s mailbox or reading materials placed in another person’s mailbox is a violation of personal privacy. We trust you will treat others as you would wish to be treated.

Instructors often return papers and exams to the student’s campus mailbox. Professors are asked to assist in respecting the privacy of students by putting comments and grades on an inside page rather than the front or back of the paper. If you prefer a higher level of security or privacy, you may give the professor an envelope with your name and mailbox number on the front at the time you hand in the assignment and request that it be used to return your assignment. Students may request a campus mailbox in from the Student Services office.

San Jose Campus


Sacramento Campus

On the Sacramento Campus, students are assigned classroom mailboxes.  Instructors will return course papers to you in these boxes, placing your corrected assignment in a sealed envelope marked with your name and the name of the class.

Online Campus

Coursework and examinations are returned to you through our Moodle Online Classroom site, which allows instructors to provide timely feedback and helps our online students track grades throughout the course of the semester.  If you have any questions regarding the online classroom, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the Online Campus office.