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Academic Probation and Dismissal

Academic Warning

Students are advised that a recent course grade (or grades) is below the required semester or cumulative GPA. The student is required to confer with a designated staff member (which may be the academic advisor or Dean of Student Development) to develop a plan to immediately raise the GPA and be removed from warning status.

Academic Probation

Students are advised that recent course grade(s) are either Ds or Fs (first occurrence) or are below the required semester or cumulative GPA (second occurrence). The student is required to confer with the Student Development Office to develop a plan to immediately raise GPA and be removed from probationary status. If the academic probation status continues for a second semester, the student is subject to review by the faculty Student Development Committee for dismissal from the program. If the student is dismissed, he or she may appeal to the Student Development Committee for re-admission. The student must show that there were exceptional circumstances involved and provide evidence indicating that he or she can remove the grade point deficiency within one semester. Appeals for re-admission will be considered for the next semester.

Incoming students may be admitted on academic probation for several reasons:

  1. The student’s undergraduate grade point average was below the admission standard.
  2. The student’s baccalaureate degree was granted from a non-accredited institution.

In such cases, the probationary status may be removed after the completion of 12 credit hours of satisfactory work as compared to the required grade point average for acceptable academic standing.

Veterans Administration standards for progress are the same with one exception: recertification will not be granted if, after one semester of probation, the cumulative grade point average has not been raised to the minimum standard.