During each academic semester, all students are required to register for courses to take for the upcoming term. Current students should register during the specific Open Registration period, in order to ensure that there is room in the class for them.

Open Registration periods are as follows:

Fall registration:           June
Spring registration:       October
Summer registration:    February

Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor prior to registration to review progress and to select courses for the subsequent semester.

A completed registration indicates that the student evidences his or her basic harmony with the doctrinal position of the Seminary and agrees to comply with all its regulations. Flagrant or habitual infraction of this standard will jeopardize the student’s continued enrollment.

Western Seminary utilizes an online Student Information System designed to provide you with a variety of student services. These instructions will introduce you to the system and answer many of your questions.

Using the Student Information System

1. From the seminary home page, you will navigate to "Students" and find a link to the Student Information System (S.I.S.) in the drop down options.

2. Click on the link to S.I.S..

3. Enter your user ID and password; they are the same username and password that you used to complete your application.

Registering for Classes

1. Click on "Registration."

2. Select campus location (Please note: Online courses are listed under a separate campus. Students should select the Online campus in order to register for an online course.)

3. Select term and type.

4. Read the information, and click on "I Have Read The Above" to continue.

5. Select courses by clicking "Add to Cart."  Repeat until you’ve selected all of the courses for which you want to register.

6. Review your cart and press "Submit for Registration." This notifies Western Seminary that you want to register. Please note: We cannot register you until you complete this important step. Your advisor will receive an email with your desired courses and will then approve or deny your registration. You will receive a follow-up email once your advisor has completed this step.

Adding classes

Follow the steps for selecting courses and submitting for approval. Remember to push "Submit For Approval" each time you add a new course. Please pay attention to the post-open registration fees when adding classes.

Dropping classes

Just click on the blue course ID in the list at the top of your screen. Scroll down and click "Drop Course". Remember to pay attention to the post-open registration fees and the refund that you’ll receive at the time of the drop.

Exceptions to Online Registration

Independent Studies, Individualized Studies, and thesis and dissertation credits cannot be registered for via online registration. If you want to register for these, contact your advisor.