Records Retention and Transcripts

The Records Office retains a variety of records pertinent to the academic progress of students. These records are available to faculty and staff who have legitimate educational interest in the student. Educational records are released to third parties only with the student’s written authorization.

The Seminary retains documents received in the Admissions Office for those who apply but do not enroll for up to two years. For students who do enroll, the school retains documents in their official files for five years beyond the date of last attendance at Western. The basic application materials and the official records of academic achievement at Western are retained permanently.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) governs students’ rights of privacy and access to their educational records. Students have the right to inspect their files and all materials therein, except those items specifically waived by the student. Students wishing to view their files must make an appointment with the Registrar. Western Seminary students and alumni are entitled to receive transcripts of their completed course work if they have no financial obligations to the seminary. Upon the written, signed request of the student, the Records Office will issue an official transcript to appropriate institutions or individuals.

To learn more about transcripts and how to make a transcript request, please visit our transcripts webpage.