Auditing Classes

No one is permitted to "sit in" or attend class sessions unless registered for the course.

Students who do not wish to take a class for credit may have the option of registering as an audit student. Students should refer to the class schedule for a given semester in order to determine which classes are available for audit; audit courses are marked with the @ symbol. Current students may participate as auditors by registering as such through the Student Information System, and prospects may participate as auditors by logging into S.I.S.and clicking on "Registration".

Auditors differ from credit students in that they are not required to complete any of the reading or coursework outlined in the syllabus. The instructor is not required to review coursework conducted by auditors, although he or she is welcome to do so at his/her discretion. That said, auditors are invited to participate in as much of the reading and coursework as they are able, acknowledging that this affords the best opportunity to learn. Auditors are required to attend at least 80% of the class sessions.

Audited classes may be repeated for credit. In the event that a student would like to repeat an audited course for credit, he or she will be required to complete all reading and coursework within the current semester.

Audit enrollment is restricted in some courses.

  • Moving from credit to audit status: The Student Information System will not allow students to change their status from credit to audit, or from audit to credit participation. If you would like to change your registration from Audit to Credit, please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would like to change your registration from Credit to Audit, please submit an Academic Petition. Standard add and drop fees apply.


More information regarding a step-by-step process for auditing classes can be found at our Auditing Seminary Courses webpage.