Credit Hours and Course Load

Our courses are designed to offer you 15 hours of instruction per credit (excluding breaks).  

Whether you're registered for a traditional campus course, a hybrid course(with content delivered both in the classroom and online) or an online course, you can use this as a general rule of thumb. For each hour spent in class, we suggest that you anticipate two hours of weekly study for reading, assignments and exam prep.

The first semester of enrollment generally requires more time for adjustment and developing time management skills. Your advisor (and in some cases, one of the Student Development Deans) will work with you to consider how many credits you should register for each semester, in light of family, work, ministry and other responsibilities.

A typical part-time course load is six credits per semester; full-time ranges from eight to ten credits per semester.

If you would like to register for more than 18 credits in a given semester, we ask that you submit an Academic Petition and request permission to do so.

For financial aid purposes, the minimum full-time academic load for the Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, and Graduate Studies Diploma programs is eight credit hours. The minimum half-time load for those programs is four credit hours. For the Master of Theology and Doctor of Intercultural Studies and Doctor of Education programs, the minimum full-time academic load is six credit hours and the minimum half-time load is three credit hours. Doctor of Ministry students are required to maintain a full-time academic load of three credit hours through the program until the dissertation phase.

We suggest that you take a few minutes to use our Time Budgeting Tool to consider your course load in light of your schedule.