Credit Hours and Course Load

Our faculty design our courses so that every 1 credit hour includes approximately 1 hour of lecture plus 2 hours of homework. For example, a 2 credit-hour class requires 2 hours of lecture plus 4 hours of homework every week. 

The first semester of enrollment generally requires more time for adjustment and developing time management skills. Your advisor will work with you to consider how many credits you should register for each semester, in light of family, work, ministry, and other responsibilities.

Enrollment Levels

To be eligible for financial aid, a student must attend at least half-time.

The minimum number of credits in order to be considered half-time is as follows:


credits per semester for

Advanced Programs half-time status


credits per semester for

Master's Programs half-time status

Full-time status is defined as follows:


credits per semester for

Advanced Programs full-time status


credits per semester for

Master's Programs full-time status

Note: Advanced Degree students actively enrolled in the dissertation/thesis phase are considered to be enrolled half-time until they have completed their required dissertation/thesis credit. If they must continue enrolling in dissertation/thesis credits beyond those required for graduation, they will not be considered to be enrolled half-time.

Time Budgeting Tool

We suggest that you take a few minutes to use our Time Budgeting Tool to consider your course load in light of your schedule.