Portland Counseling Services

We recognize that there are many pressures on seminary students and their families. These pressures may take a variety of forms and may affect students in varying degrees. On occasion those pressures become distressing enough that it is either wise or necessary to seek counseling from a qualified professional counselor. The Student Development Office has a list of local Christian counselors who provide counseling services to students and their families. Please consult with one of the Student Development Deans (Dr. Reid Kisling, Andy Peloquin or Michelle Workman) to obtain the list of area counselors. Students may also choose to seek support from one of the Student Development Deans.

The Portland Campus is also home to A New Day Counseling Center.  Students are invited to visit the website for A New Day to explore whether the counseling services would be helpful for their circumstances.  A New Day Counseling Center is located in Milliken Hall, on the corner of Madison and 57th streets.  The website is http://www.anewdaycounseling.org/