Alumni Note From the President

Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Each student, upon admission, is assigned an academic advisor according to the student’s degree program.

Please communicate with your advisor each semester prior to registration regarding your progress, your plans for next semester, or other matters which affect your educational goals. Doing so will help you avoid taking courses that do not fulfill the requirements of your program or taking courses out of sequence, often resulting in schedule conflicts at the end of your program.  

Since your advisor cares about you as a person and not simply about your academic training, you are welcome to talk with your advisor about anything significant related to your life or ministry.

Your advisor can also put you in touch with resources for creative course scheduling, time management, financial aid, etc., should you ever feel that life circumstances or conflicts may prevent you from continuing in seminary. In addition, the seminary has developed a page of advising resources that can help with class sequencing, time allocations, etc.