Weapons Policy

Weapons are not allowed on any Western Seminary campus, in any Western Seminary owned building or vehicle, or in any space otherwise occupied, used or leased by Western Seminary.

A “weapon” is any object or product designed with the primary or secondary purpose of inflicting some level of physical incapacitation or harm, whether offensive or defensive.

Similarly, all instruments or game equipment that look like, or may be confused with, a weapon are not allowed on campus (i.e. paintball guns, various “toys” with unusually realistic qualities, etc.). All knives, except common pocketknives with blades less than 3 inches in length, are prohibited under the above policy on weapons. Chemical agents, such as pepper spray or mace, are prohibited except when worn by Security Personnel at Western Seminary, or approved for the sole purpose of personal security. This policy is to be upheld by all students, staff and faculty members, and visitors associated with Western Seminary.