Financial Aid Policies

Institutional Aid Refund Policy

All institutional aid is considered earned if the student remains enrolled and attends at least one class such that he or she completes attendance through the end of the of the term in which institutional aid is received, and the student was eligible for the institutional aid at the time the aid was applied to the account. A pro-rated portion of the institutional aid received will be returned if the student officially or unofficially withdraws from the Seminary before the end of the institutional refund period.

Withdrawing or Altering of Financial Assistance

Financial aid may be withdrawn or altered for any of the following:

  • Falsification of information on Financial Aid Application Forms or Application for Admission
  • Unreported income which changes the financial situation of the aid recipient
  • Failure to meet either general financial aid eligibility requirements or those specific to the award
  • Personal behavior that results in dismissal from Western Seminary

All of the above situations will be dealt with on an individual basis with a right to appeal

Resource Change Reporting

A student receiving financial aid is responsible to notify the Financial Aid Office of any resources or aid received which were not reported in the financial aid application. If such resources or aid places the student in an over-award situation, a re-evaluation and revision will be made of the award.


All records and conversations between an aid applicant, his/her family, and financial aid staff are confidential and entitled to the protection ordinarily given counseling relationships. No public announcement shall be made of amounts awarded to individual students. No information concerning a student's financial aid records may be released to anyone outside the Financial Aid Office without written consent of the student. All student records will be maintained in the Student Financial Aid Office for a period of not less than three years after the last term of attendance.

Right to Appeal

If a student disagrees with the award given (or not given), he/she has the right to appeal the determination. The first step is to contact the Financial Aid Director. If the question is still unresolved, the Scholarship Review Committee serves as final appeal source for students with grievances relative to the awarding of funds or complaints about the general administration of the program. Appeals should be submitted in writing.