Course Paper Guidelines

All course papers should be typed and in thesis form, unless otherwise designated by the professor. Course papers should conform to the standards outlined in A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Ninth Edition, Revised (2018) by Kate L. Turabian, The MLA Style Sheet or APA Style (at the discretion of the professor, primarily required for MAC/MFT courses) or any additional instructions authorized by the faculty.

Physical copies of all class reports, papers, and other materials which are turned in for a grade in a given class become the property of the professor, though in most cases, these are returned to the student. The content and/or ideas of such documents, however, remain the intellectual property of the author and may not be copied or used without permission of the author.

Papers turned in as class assignments, which are being returned to students, will ordinarily be returned to students through the online classroom/Digital Learning Center, in class, or by email. To facilitate the timely return of student papers, students are asked to include their name and other identifying information on the front page of every assignment.