Class Format and Scheduling Options

Below you'll find a menu of course options designed to help you get the most out of your studies with various class formats and flexible scheduling options. 

Course Options

The following types of classes are available to students:

In-Person Weekly Classes

Most in-person classes meet once every week for 2 to 4 hours during mornings, afternoons, or evenings. These classes appeal to students who want ongoing, frequent, in-person instruction, who live within a reasonable commute from campus, and who have the freedom to take classes during weekdays or weeknights. 

In-Person Monthly Classes

Some in-person classes meet all day long one day per month, usually on Fridays. These classes appeal to students who have a long commute to classes and can take one day per month for in-person instruction and discussion. 

Intensive Classes 

These classes meet all day for 2 to 4 full, consecutive days during the middle of the semester. Students work from home during the first half of the semester, doing reading and assignments which prepare them to participate in class, and then do all remaining assignments from home during the last half of the semester. Summer is a great time to take intensive classes at Western.

Immersion Classes

Immersion classes are just like intensive classes with the added benefit of meals, speakers and other activities provided by Western with the purpose of allowing students greater opportunities to connect with faculty, classmates, and seminary staff. Students can complete up to 3 years of required courses through immersion classes.

Online Live Classes

Online Live classes are an excellent value for students who prefer real-time, personal interaction and have a very busy schedule or live beyond a reasonable commute to campus. Students spend 1 to 2 hours every week in web conferences with the course instructor and other students discussing the lectures recorded by Western faculty and assignment readings. These weekly meetings are a required part of Online Live classes.

(Online) Global Standard Design Classes

Our Global standard design classes are a very popular option for students whose commitments prevent them from commuting to campus and from joining weekly web conferences. Courses include recorded lectures by Western faculty, and interaction between instructors and students is facilitated through electronic means such as forums.