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Every follower of Jesus is called to grow in spiritual maturity. But not everyone needs to earn an entire seminary degree. If you don't need a degree or graduate credit, we invite you to audit seminary courses at Western Seminary. Jump start your spiritual life or ministry work by taking only the courses you choose -- at a very low cost.


Audit rate:


Coaching course audit rate is $400/credit


Western Seminary is known around the world for delivering theological education that forges us into a stronger and more gospel-centered Church community. Most of the same Bible, theology, spiritual formation and specialized ministry skill courses that our graduate students take are also open to auditors. This means you can join in on real seminary classes, participate in real discussions, and learn from experienced professors. Audit on campus or online. Do the homework if you like, or don't. Courses range from 1-4 credits, and most are 2 credits. Here's how to begin:

1. Determine when you can begin auditing a course



Late August - December

January - April

May - August


2. Select the courses you'd like to audit 

Use the buttons below to view a course schedule for your start semester at your preferred campus, and find information about which courses are available to audit. 




3. Register to audit your courses

Register for and complete payment for your audit courses by submitting the paper Non-credit Application and Registration Form. All instructions are included within the document, and you will be notified by email when your registration has been processed.




4. Come to class

Please contact a Student Services staff member at the campus where you registered, and they'll help you get to where you need to be to start your class successfully. See you in class! 


Non-Credit Policies

  1. Graduate credit will not be awarded for non-credit participation in a course.
  2. Individuals who have a bachelor's degree will be registered with an audit status and may obtain a transcript of audited courses. Individuals without a bachelor's degree will be registered with an enrichment status; transcripts will not be available due to accreditation requirements.
  3. Western Seminary offers non-credit course participation as a special service at a significantly discounted rate. Non-credit participants are not required to do the coursework required for graduate students; likewise, the instructor is not obligated to, and may not, review assignments voluntarily completed by a non-credit participant. To facilitate learning, the Seminary strongly encourages non-credit participants to complete course reading.
  4. Participation in class discussions and out-of-class conferences with the instructor should be kept to a minimum. Please note that coaching and Pastoral Care to Women (PCW) courses are an exception; class participation is encouraged in those courses.
  5. Individuals who wish to take a non-credit course at a Western Seminary campus must verify qualification for graduate studies either through indicating a baccalaureate degree or ministry involvement. Those who are not graduate-qualified may not be approved for admission or registration.
  6. Non-credit registrations are intended to provide foundational learning opportunities. Courses requiring prior learning, intense faculty involvement, or significant school resources are not intended for non-credit participants. These include, but are not limited to, counseling, homiletics, Greek or Hebrew language, Th.M. and doctoral courses.
  7. In courses where seating is limited, credit students will be granted priority.
  8. Individuals may register for no more than two non-credit courses per semester, and only those that are designated as available for audit on the official class schedule. However, students may audit more than two coaching courses per semester.


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Grads can audit one course free each year.
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