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Audit a Course for Free

Audit a Course for Free

Graduates of a Western Seminary degree program are invited to audit one class per academic year at no charge. Please note when you are approved for the course you will receive an automatic email notification indicating tuition charges. The Alumni Audit benefit will then be applied to your account, reversing the charge. Degree graduates include those who have completed a full master's or doctoral degree program.


Graduates must complete the Alumni Audit Opportunity form and submit the form to Financial Aid. Please register for the course on SIS. If the requested course is not available on SIS, please complete the Non-Credit Application and Registration form. As an auditor, the graduate's participation in class will follow that of all other noncredit students as outlined in the non-credit form. The offer is for one qualifying audit course on a Western Seminary course schedule.

Qualifying Courses

The audit opportunity may be used for 500-level courses only. It may not be used for Th.M. 600-level courses, doctoral 700-level courses, or the following 500-level courses:

  • Any CNS course which is not available for audit
  • Functional or traditional language courses (NTS or OTS)
  • Courses in our ministry coaching studies (MCS) with the exception of MCS 510: Introduction to Coaching
  • Distance education courses offered through the Online Campus

Check out the class schedules for the upcoming semester to see what might interest you. In the rare case in which a course has a size limit, preference will be given to graduate credit students.

Download the Alumni Audit Form