Chaplaincy Ministry (CA)

CA501 – The Chaplaincy.  In this course, students are introduced to and equipped for the mission field of chaplaincy ministry. A wide range of topics is covered, from possible areas of service to various expectations placed upon military, law enforcement, and institutional chaplains.  2 credits or 2 Learning Units.

CA505 – Hospital Chaplaincy.  The unique nature of hospital chaplaincy is investigated in this course. Attention is given to appropriate relationships with hospital staff and patients and their families, issues such as death and dying, and other features pertinent to hospital ministry. Work is done in case studies, and fieldwork is engaged in actual hospital visits.  1 credit.

CA506 – Military Chaplaincy.   Particular attention is given to the nature and work of the military chaplaincy. Students explore expectations related to work in a multi-faith environment and learn how the various branches of the military function relative to their chaplains. Emphasis is given to life and ministry issues (such as frequent mobility, separation from family, etc.) peculiar to persons in the military. Practical matters pertaining to such things as securing endorsement and appointment as a chaplain are also treated. 1 credit.

CA570 – Select Topics in Chaplaincy Ministry.  (special limited-time electives)