MA/MFT Curriculum Change Conversion Chart

Use the following chart to determine how your current courses map to the new curriculum requirements.

Biblical Interpretation and Theology

Past Curriculum2019–2020 Curriculum
DBS516 Survey Learning Interpret Scripture 2 No equivalent course requirement
BLS511 Survey Genesis Song Solomon 2 BL511 Survey Genesis Song Solomon 2
BLS512 Survey Prophets Gospels 2 BL512 Survey Prophets Gospels 2
BLS513 Survey Acts – Revelation 2 BL513 Survey Acts – Revelation 2
THS511 Survey Theology I 2 TH511 Survey Theology I 2
THS512 Survey Theology II 2 TH512 Survey Theology II 2
THS513 Survey Theology III 1 TH513 Survey Theology III 2
Or TH513 Survey Theology III (see note below) 1
  • Students who have completed DBS516, BLS511-513 and THS511-513 are done
  • Students who have completed some of these courses will complete a maximum of 13 credits total

Marital & Family Therapy

Past Curriculum2019–2020 Curriculum
No change No change

Total Credits

Past Curriculum2019–2020 Curriculum
73 credits (minimum) required 72 credits (minimum) required